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News Article: Auckland University ordered to pay Siouxsie Wiles $20,000 in employment case

‍"Therefore, I also make a declaration that the University breached its contractual obligations to be a good employer, including as a result of its failure to act in good faith

Editorial Note: $20,000 was the maximum amount that the judge could order. Even this maximum amount will not cover her legal fees. The judge sent the matter of determining who will pay how much of those costs back to the attorneys. Read full ruling here.

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    • My understanding is that the University of Auckland has spent more than $1 million on their defense. Judge Holden found the University in the wrong on a number of issues (see full ruling in post above). This case and the subsequent rulings in favor of the employee are applicable to other employers beyond academia.

      In my opinion, Siouxsie has fought for the rights of all of us to be upheld. This is not so different from her indefatigable, years long, public communications around COVID-19. It is yet another major demonstration of her mahi for the public good.

      She has paid $100s of thousands out of pocket on legal expenses. The well know group of do-gooders, Fairy Godmothers, are fund raising to help cover those expenses. Please join me in showing support by donating what you can. Details below.


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