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This space is for kōrerorero (discussions) about research businesses. Posts and discussions here are not legal, financial, or business advice and should not be taken as such.

You may find yourself thinking about providing research services outside of existing institutions, either as a side project or a full time job. There are many government programmes tailored to assisting start ups around venture capital, intellectual property, marketing, product development, etc. At the same time, there is not much else in terms of information about how small research firms have been set up and do their day to day operating. Business Kōrerorero will focus on the latter.

To get us started, @Rob Elshire will make a post each week about how The Elshire Group has addressed an aspect of their business framework. These will not be focused on the specific services that company offers, but rather general things that small contract research business have in common. Rob has had many in depth discussions with people wanting get started over the years. Hopefully, putting these ideas in an accessible place will be of benefit to more people.

If you have experience in or questions about running a contract research business, come join the kōrerorero!