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PhD candidate exploring co-production & participatory public engagement through the subject of women’s health in Aotearoa NZ. Working out of the College of Creative Arts, Massey University.

Previously a psychology student.

Reposted Rob Elshire's post.

Many people (including me) have been calling for a review of the universities as part of Te Ara Paerangi - Future Pathways. If the system needs an overhaul, then they need to be included as well. Seems logical enough. As the government does a small bit today to keep the universities running, they also announced a review. ?

You can help provide solid data by participating in Sereana Naepi's study. How cool is that timing! ?

image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=1&dpx=1&t=1687841726Sereana Naepi does incredibly important research in regards to NZ Universities. This piece of work will be critical to informing any review of the tertiary education system - including the one announced by the government today. Please help if you can.

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