Indigenous Genomics Institute (IGI)

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As genomic and genetic research continues to evolve and influence human health, ecology, agriculture, horticulture, climate change and more, an opportunity arises to acknowledge and further embed the principles of Te Ao Māori, including the teachings of mātauranga Māori, in genomic research.  Accordingly, it is increasingly important for Indigenous communities to establish our own networks and set our own priorities.  

Initiated in 2019, the Indigenous Genomics Institute (IGI) is a kaupapa Māori multidisciplinary platform, for Māori by Māori, and comprises Māori genetic scientists, kaupapa Māori researchers and community representatives.  IGI is committed to progressing genomic research and engagement through education and training initiatives, webinar discussions, developing te reo Māori resources for kura and developing a tikanga based understanding of genetic and genomic research.

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